Simple and effective ways to detox through your foot

Detoxing through your foot is really effective and easy. I have found the efficient detoxification results through detox foot pads from Purify Your Body. This is an amazing technique to cleanse the body from the toxins and harmful chemicals. I like to share some of the detox ideas that I used for foot detox and how to detoxify your body. You can detox your foot easily by using any of the below stated techniques.

Foot Detox ideas

Homemade or herbal detox bath – I always prepare my own foot detox bath. For this, I usually take a large container, which is sufficient for both of my feet to soak in. I will prepare herbal foot detox by my own by mixing some tea, ginger, garlic, and also dried citrus peel. Green tea is an excellent choice and it also aids with foot odor. You can either prepare foot detox by your own or also buy the herbal detox that is free from the chemicals from the local health store. Experiment with mixes till you find the best combination that feels best for your foot. And then, you require very hot water. Boil water and Utilize for this treatment. Then, add cold water till it reaches the moderate temperature or the temperature that you can tolerate. After this, you must soak your feet in the water for some time. I usually soak my feet for about 25 minutes.

A homemade detox foot bath can assist the body in removing toxins and clean the body efficiently. You can also various other feet detox bath such as ginger foot detox bath, tea, soda, honey and more.
Detox foot pads – Foot pads also are effective in providing detoxifying effects to your system. I have purchased the foot pads and have been using it from a long time. This has shown some positive detoxification effects. These foot pads are specially designed to provide detoxifying results. You can wear these foot pads all night as they can do their detoxing activities when you sleep and can remove the pads morning. I have noticed that the used foot pads had stained with impurities and toxins, and this clearly indicates that toxins have exited from the body. Prior using this foot pads I was suffering from headaches and pains but now the regular usage of body detox foot pads have reduced my headaches, pains and even fatigue.

Ionic foot bath – The other foot detox method which I usually use for detoxifying is ionic foot bath. Ionic foot baths are formed by producing negative and positive ions in warm salty water. The ionized water aids in an electrolysis process. The warm or the hot water that you used will aid in opening the pores of your feet, meanwhile the salt will act as astringent. Then the ions are absorbed into your feet and it aids in detoxification. I found this method to be truly effective and I usually do this ionic foot bath for about 40 to 45 minutes.


Foot detox machines

There are several ways that can be utilized for removing toxins from your body such as natural detox, like a zeolite detox, and much more. Foot detox machines are the equipment that is specially designed to remove the impurities and harmful toxins present in your body. You can utilize this machine for detoxifying toxins from your foot. There are numerous designs of such machines; you can purchase the one which you feel comfortable to use.
Among all, I found that natural ways to detoxify the impurities to be the best option. I have been using these simple and effective ways from several years and I can assure that all these methods are excellent in providing effective detoxification effects.

Foot Detox – An astonishing but effective practise

The conceptual analysis

Foot detoxification is a very new and innovative concept brought into the market with the intent of removing the impurities of a human body by the combination of a few chemicals. This process involves an individual being required to put his feet in a chemical solution and consequently, the solution water starts turning brown, this changing colour suggests the removal of toxins from the human body into that chemical solution. This concept is known to be a way of foot detox and is considered to be really helpful for the human body as one can simply get all the impurities of the body removed in a short span of time.

This method of foot detox can often prove to be very deceptive. The reaction of these chemicals sometimes by itself leads to changing of colour to brown and this can fool the customers or the users of this concept. Furthermore, this process if implemented successfully and without any deception can be very helpful, as it removes these impurities or toxins directly from the blood. This removal can save various organs of the body by purifying the blood of the body. This job of purification is the responsibility of kidney in the human body, but to reduce the pressure on this organ, an individual can practise this task once or twice in a year.

A memorable experience

There was once an instance when I was going through a rough patch of health issues. Then I was told about this concept of foot detox which meant the removal of toxins from the body and consequently one can be free from such health issues. I initially didn’t consider it as a very justified choice, because the idea of having the toxins removed from the foot itself sounded very weak. But with the consultation from a medical expert I thought of trying this concept. I was required to sink my feet into a chemical solution and in a short span of time, I was able to see the toxins being removed from my feet and they were changing the colour of the solution to brownish black. Post the implementation of this technique, I became less prone to diseases and over time, my health issues also got resolved. I would surely recommend this practise as a mandatory medical exercise to be implemented by each individual, once a year.

A safe and secured implementation

Our human body is supposed to be acidic as well as alkaline, but the volume of alkaline should be more. When this balance turns upside down, then the human body becomes very much prone to diseases and this can lead to an individual facing health problems. This issue of imbalance of the alkaline and acidic nature of the body can be resolved by removing the toxins from the body, which are acidic in nature and promote more acidity in the body. Furthermore, the removal of these impurities keeps the body healthy by releasing the body organs from the pressure of rejecting the impurities being brought to them by the flow of blood. This concept has been increasing in terms of its awareness amongst the public and is started to being accepted as a regular practise by the generic public as a way to stay healthy and free from diseases.

Fear of Fish….

For any unknown reason, I have always tried to stay away from all kind of fish spa treatments. I was a kind of girl who always hatred with fish. One day I had my trip to Kerala with my family and this was the first time when i visit to a spa.It was a very big hall and I found two big pools around me and they were consist large amount of colours fish of different sizes. They were continuously moving here and there. Although they were seems very beautiful. But it was very hard for me to lay down my feet inside the pool. Then at same time I decided with the pool which had very little fish and around 2 cm long.

First Encounter:

As I sat down on leathers seat and started to lay down my feet into the water pool, same time what I realized hundreds of fish were swimming around the pool like they were waiting for the food. After taking a deep breath I lowered my feet into the water pool in trepidation.

What happen asI immense my feet into water, large sea of fish start swifting on my feet and they started sucking and nibbling on my heels arches toes and even up my legs. For the same time I felt it so awkward. It felt like thousands of small fish under my feet and that was enough to make me weird.

But after 5 minute I started enjoying the spa. All the fish were moving around my feet and they were continuously eating my dead skin. After half an hour when I removed my feet from water tank what I found all the dead skin were removed and it was so smooth which leaves no hardness behind. The most that I felt, it was kind of tickling sensation through which I fully enjoyed fish therapy. So it was most amazing and fantastic experience for me because fish pedicure was really brilliant and relaxing. After having this spa I just felt love with small coloured fish.

Added Advantages:

Beside from these I came to know about various health benefits by fish spa. With the help of fish therapy we can improve overall functioning of blood circulation and overall physical fitness. So if you want to take relax for a moment then you should take a fish spa for yourself. This is one of the most traditional methods used to detox your foot. Obviously this is going to very inexpensive and moreover it is completely painless Now I am very used to it and I recommend you all, you should also have these natural spa which will take you to the new world of sea. It’s priceless and peaceful also.
Hence fish spa is one of best thing which helps to make us younger with smooth silky skin.